Trivia Group Ticket - Sunday - READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Need your fill of quirky Thew brand trivia? Join us on Zoom and take your shot at winning a Thew gift card! Ticket includes a Thew Crowler of your choosing, and an invitation code for the Zoom meeting. 21+. Sunday 5:30pm

Additional notes for your order.


Let's get back to trivia! Sunday at 5:30pm.


We'll be providing our normal trivia safely to your home via the magic of the internet. Ticket include one Crowler of your choice (stop by to pick it up after you purchase your ticket), and an invitation code will be emailed to you which you can share with your team.


Each ticket is good for your entire team. For every team that registers, we will increase the gift card by prize $5 (10 teams = $50 gift card)


IMPORTANT: You must list each player on your team in the note box. Max team size is 6 people.


How it will work

  • Each team will have a captain that is responsible for submitting the answers for their team. Any answers from a non-capatin will be invalid.
  • We will read the questions, you'll write down the answers and keep them to yourselves until we say "boards up".
  • Zoom video chat will be required (minimum 1 per team).
  • We will be operating on the honor system. It's no fun for anyone if someone is cheating, so don't cheat.
  • Figure out how you want to coordinate with your team. We encourage everyone to isolate as much as possible, so get it worked out ahead of time if your team members will be in different locations.

The winner will be able to come in any time we're open to redeem their gift card.